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Web3 Game Dev Toolbox

Web3 Game Dev Toolbox is a hassle-free platform and SDK designed specifically for web2 game developers.

Web3 Game Dev Toolbox

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Project Description

Web3 Game Dev Toolbox is a hassle-free platform and SDK designed specifically for web2 game developers. It empowers game developers to seamlessly integrate web3 components into their games, unlocking the potential of blockchain technology and decentralized features. With the Web3 Game Dev Toolbox, developers can effortlessly enhance their games with functionalities like in-game assets, blockchain-based economies, player-owned assets, and more. It provides a streamlined and user-friendly experience, enabling web2 game developers to embrace the advantages of web3 without any unnecessary complexities.

It consist from web app (platform) and SDK. Creating project and crating contracts for assets and uploading them to IPFS is as simple as submitting a form and using those assets later in game is also really simple thanks to the SDK.

Example: in order for game devs to send (mint) NFT asset to player all they have to do is call a method "sendAssetToUser" passing assetId and player address and voila! No need for creating contract instances, passing contract addresses and ABIs, etc... All of this is abstracted.

Features that are currently implemented are:

  • Sending NFTs to players (example: player just found a sword in a hidden dungeon, mint asset and transfer it to the player)
  • Token Gating: check whether player owns certain asset and allow him to access protected areas
  • Verify if player is ApeCoin Holder
  • Send ApeCoin to the user

How it's Made

Web3 Game Dev Toolbox consists of 4 components:

  • Platform frontend
  • Platform backend
  • Gaming Asset Solidity Smart Contract
  • JavaScript SDK

Platform frontend is built with React . To be able to NFT-ize gaming assets I used built by Protocol Labs in order to save assets an metadata on IPFS and viem library made by wagmi team to deploy automatically deploy contract on form submit to on of 6 different chains: Polygon, Gnosis Chiado, Filecoin Virtual Machine Hyperspace, Linea, Scroll and Mantle.

Platform backend is just a simple Koa (Node.js) app. Purpose is to save data about the projects and assets belonging to that project. It save data in Sqlite db and idea was to use Cartesi for this.

Gaming assets are Solidity ERC721 Smart Contracts, really simple for a POC project, nothing special to write there. For MVP should be updated with additional functionality.

SDK is Typescript library built with TSDX. It calls smart contracts directly when working with assets and Sqlite for asking about projects data.

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