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Web3 Fortnite Achievements

On boards web2 fortnite players into web3 by giving them exclusive NFT achievements.

Web3 Fortnite Achievements

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🌿 Lens Protocol — API Bounty

Project Description

Incentivizes web2 fortnite gamers to join web3 by giving them a coveted achievement NFT if they have certain fortnite achievements. I chose to give an NFT if they have won a solo game before.

If you own this NFT, a creator on Lens could give you exclusive access to publications.

Or perhaps you get access to exclusive tournament prize pools.

This also allows you to backup your achievements on chain, in case fortnite servers were to screw things up.

How it's Made

WalletConnect to get user address. Lens Protocol to give exclusive content access. Polygon to mint the NFT achievements.

I used a fortnite api to get the number of wins by a user.

I used create-react-app to make the frontend

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