Web3 Dark Mode

Change website designs and crowdsource the edits to increase your reputation.

Web3 Dark Mode

Created At

HackFS 2021

Project Description

Change any website's CSS code through an intuitive interface and share the edits through a decentralized storage network. Browse other users' edits and crowdsource lists with them - Anything is possible 'dark mode', 'minimalist focus', 'accessibility', 'high contrast', 'rainbows everywhere', 'common DeFi design', etc.

This is one of a series of projects which aim to attach reputation to and information about trust between Ethereum addresses. Any information about trust between humans and their Eth addresses will be useful for decentralized governance and funding, similarly to sybil resistance protocols.

How it's Made

The chrome extension uses typescript and vuejs as frontend framework. It uses Ceramic Network schemas to standardize the css changes for data sharing. The sharing itself might happen through IPFS or any other storage provider. Ceramic authenticates it's DIDs through Ethereum. The extension hack is based on Stylebot.

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