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Web3 Community Buidler

Social media Dapp to bootstrap a community, with Blog, Comment, Search, Statistics and ERC20 functionality.

Web3 Community Buidler

Created At

HackFS 2022

Winner of


🥈 The Graph — Best new Subgraph

Project Description

Spin up a community in fast manner through deployment of a contract and frontend to communicate with your audience in decentralized fashion. Use blog, comment, statistics, search and content encryption functionality. With the community there comes also a ERC20 token to check the decryption against if the reader owns a token amount above given threshold.

As this was a solo hack, time constraints meant unfortunately not being able to include a chat functionality (through using xmtp) and including meetups (through using poap as attendance proof).

How it's Made


Other tools

IPFS / Filecoin

Through all heavy lifting of data is done. On the network the main content of post and comments are stored. That means cover image files, encrypted string blobs and the collection of the data as json. Without it, a blog would simply not feasible to implement.


The contract is deployed on the mumbai test net. It's conveniently deployed.


Is used for indexing events and making them available for search & statistics.

I introduce counter variables to track the number of entities to make them visible in the dashboard.

Lit Protocol

Is used for post and comment content encryption. The user can choose if he wants to encrypt. Depending on that the content will be stores as plaintext on IPFS or the relevant encoding data of the content. The content then can be decrypted depending on having a certain token balance which the user can configure, e.g. the ERC20 token which is also deployed with this contract.


Is used for deployment of the frontend.

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