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Re inventing Insurances by By utilizing real-time weather data and predictive analytics, our AI models accurately assess risk and determine insurance premiums. Blockchain ensures transparency, security, and efficiency in policy management and claims processing.


Created At

HackFS 2024

Winner of


Lit Protocol - Participation Prize

Prize Pool


WeatherXM - Best Explorer Enhancement or Protocol Use 2nd place (USD + Weather Station)


ETHGlobal - 🏆 HackFS 2024 Finalist

Project Description

Our Weather Insurance Project is here to change the game by using AI and blockchain to provide fair, clear, and quick weather-based insurance. With smart AI, we make sure insurance premiums are fair and based on real weather risks, tailored to activities that depend on weather, like sports events, flights, concerts, and especially farming.

For Air travelers, event organizers, ad even for Farmers where weather can make or break the day, our tech offers accurate risk assessments and helps prevent losses. AI analyzes weather data in real-time, making our insurance solutions smart and proactive.

Blockchain adds another layer by creating a decentralized platform for managing policies and claims. This means all transactions are secure, transparent, and can't be tampered with, so users can trust the process. Plus, claims get processed fast without the usual red tape, making it easy and hassle-free.

Our project makes getting insurance straightforward and quick, perfect for those who need to protect against unpredictable weather. By blending AI's accuracy with blockchain's security, our Weather Insurance Project offers a new way to get fair, unbiased, and easily accessible weather insurance.

How it's Made

Galadriel-There are two AI agents which are reinforced with weather data from weatherXM and the internet are the core brains of this project, They provide risk based premium calculation and unbiased Judging for Insurance claims. InsuranceProvider Agent- Calculates premium and other Risk assessment Factors InsuranceAssesor Agent - Validates the insurance claims in an unbiased a manner WeatherXM - Weather XM provides the core reinforcement for our AI agent to function and provide accurate an fair results, WeatherXM reliable data is used almost in all parts of the project LitProtocol: Used to encrypt sensitive location an personal data using lit actions Filecoin:USe LightHouse Storage for Storing files

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