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WBTC Curve Yield Strategy

WBTC rewards strategy for Badger SettV3 vaults on Polygon using Curve ren pool and Chainlink price feeds.

WBTC Curve Yield Strategy

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HackMoney 2021

Project Description

This project presents a yield farming strategy for wBTC on Polygon for Badger SettV3 vaults using Curve ren pool.

This strategy will deposit wBTC on Polygon Curve ren pool and stake the received btcCRV tokens in the Curve Liquidity Gauge to earn interest and CRV/wMATIC rewards. It will then claim the rewards, swap them into wBTC and compound the amount deposited.

The strategy uses Chainlink price feeds to determine the current price of CRV and wMATIC tokens for swapping. This prevents front-running attacks.

The swapping is done using Sushi through the CRV/wMATIC => wETH => wBTC path to ensure sufficient liquidity.

At the time of writing, the total expected yield of the strategy is around 13.33% APY.

How it's Made

This project is built on the excellent template specified by the Badger strategy mix for Sett V3 architecture (Yearn V1 Style). It has been tested on a local fork of the Polygon mainnet through Brownie using Infura and APIs for interacting with contracts.

The strategy implements WBTC deposits by interacting with the Curve LP pool contracts. Swapping of tokens is done through Sushiswap contracts using a spot price obtained by querying a Chainlink price feed contract.

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