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WatchWeather lets you check your WeatherXM devices on the go, view live weather data, monitor WXM token earnings, access local forecasts, and view historical weather charts. Stay connected to your weather network anytime, anywhere.


Created At

HackFS 2024

Winner of


WeatherXM - Best Explorer Enhancement or Protocol Use 3rd place (USD + Weather Station)

Project Description

WatchWeather is your ultimate companion for managing WeatherXM devices and accessing live weather data on your wrist. The app's intuitive interface makes it easy to manage all your WeatherXM devices, ensuring you have complete control wherever you are.

Stay informed with real-time weather updates from your devices, no matter where they are located. WatchWeather provides detailed live weather data, giving you an accurate picture of current conditions at a glance. Additionally, you can access customized local forecasts tailored to your location, helping you plan your day with confidence.

WatchWeather also offers comprehensive historical data charts, allowing you to review past weather patterns recorded by your devices. Experience the power of a community-driven weather network right on your Apple Watch, and stay connected to the world's most accurate weather services.

How it's Made

The core of the application was developed using Swift, ensuring native performance and compatibility with the watchOS ecosystem. The app's interface was crafted with SwiftUI, enabling us to create a responsive and intuitive user experience with minimal code.

WatchWeather also employs the WeatherMX API for other backend services, including user authentication, device management, and fetching customized local forecasts. WeatherMX API enables us to deliver accurate and reliable weather data by tapping into their community-powered network.

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