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Your goal translated into English is: "Our aim is to enable users to interact with new ERC-4337 accounts by using their email, phone number, Gmail, GitHub, and other accounts they have used on Web2 platforms


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ETHGlobal Istanbul

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Arbitrum - Pool Prize

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Project Description

In its initial phase, our project presents a user-friendly interface that showcases platforms usable across all EVM-based chains. Users can log in to our site using options like Gmail, email, username, phone number, GitHub, etc. Associated with the logged-in session, a new ERC-4337 account is assigned to the user, which can be used across all EVM-based chains and platforms within these chains (the wallet creation fee is currently covered by us in the testnet phase for the hackathon, but in later stages, it will be possible to create a wallet after receiving payment via Stripe). This approach facilitates the integration of Web2 users into the Web3 ecosystem and allows Web3 users to experience nostalgia by reminiscing about their old Web2 experiences :)

How it's Made

For this project, we utilized Paymaster and Bundler APIs provided by Pimlico to enable users to create new ERC-4337 based accounts. Since Pimlico worked within the local br environment, it returned errors when attempted to be used live on the frontend. To overcome this, values obtained locally through ExpressJS were matched with the frontend to make it operational. The overall architecture of the project was built using Next.js. For the designs, we primarily used Figma, and occasionally Photoshop. SDKs were utilized for application and platform integrations.

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