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WalletWise: Streamline group expense sharing. Create groups, import profiles, and divide expenses across chains with ease. Secure data storage, push notifications.


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ETHOnline 2023

Project Description

WalletWise is a decentralized expense division application designed for seamless fund distribution. It offers a range of features to simplify expense sharing among groups. With WalletWise, you can create expense-sharing groups, import profiles from Lens, Farcaster, and ENS profile using the Mask Network, and leverage cross-chain capabilities via Wormhole to divide expenses with any token from any chain. The application securely stores user data, including images, using Filecoin and Web3Storage, and it also implements a push protocol for sharing push notifications.

Features: Group Creation: Easily create groups for expense division with your contacts.

Profile Import: Import profiles from Lens, Farcaster, and ENS profiles through the Mask Network integration.

Cross-Chain Compatibility: WalletWise supports cross-chain functionality via Wormhole, allowing users to send and divide expenses with any tokens from various chains.

Secure Data Storage: User data, including images, is securely stored using Filecoin and Web3Storage.

Push Notifications: Implement a push protocol for efficient sharing of notifications within your expense-sharing groups.

How it's Made

Frontend: React Native

React Native is a popular and versatile JavaScript framework for building mobile applications. In the context of WalletWise, it's the technology used to create the user interface and client-side functionality of the application. React Native allows developers to write code once and deploy it on multiple platforms, making it a cost-effective choice for cross-platform mobile development. Proxy Networks: Next.js 13

Next.js is a powerful and extensible JavaScript framework typically used for building server-rendered React applications. It provides a strong foundation for server-side rendering, routing, and building web applications with React. In WalletWise, Next.js is utilized for creating proxy networks, which can enhance security and privacy in blockchain transactions, data transfers, and interactions with the Mask Network. Database: Tableland

Tableland is the chosen database technology for WalletWise. Databases are crucial for storing and managing structured data efficiently. Tableland is likely a database solution or system that offers reliability and scalability, ensuring that user data, group information, and transaction histories are safely stored and easily retrievable within the application. Social Profiles: Mask Network

Mask Network is a critical component for managing social profiles within WalletWise. It likely provides seamless integration with various decentralized identity and social network platforms, such as Lens, Farcaster, and ENS profiles. By using Mask Network, WalletWise can connect users' social profiles to facilitate seamless group creation and expense sharing, enhancing the user experience.

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