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Wallet-to-wallet Chat Widget, based on open source chat API. Allow your NFT or Defi marketplace users to chat w2w without leaving your site!


Created At

ETHOnline 2022

Winner of


🏊‍♂️ NFTPort — Pool Prize

Project Description

The WalletChat widget is a helpdesk-like chat bubble which can be embedded into a website allowing users to chat wallet-to-wallet without ever leaving the page! This stands out from chat programs like Blockscan chat in that users are not directed away from the web site. Imagine Opensea or Looksrare allowing you to chat wallet to wallet without moving to a separate tab!

Login with web3 & direct message any wallet or ENS on Ethereum, with read receipts DM an NFT owner in a thread with the NFT's contextual information attached Leave public comments on an NFT, visible to anyone

How it's Made

The WalletChat extension is built with both centralized and decentralized tools to ensure great user experience while upholding the ethos of decentralization - all chat data is encrypted using LIT on the client side and only the encrypted blob is stored in our backed DB on a per-message basis. This ensures the WalletChat infrastructure doesn't own any of the data, nor can it manipulate it. We have placed data on IPFS as well if the website desires that the data resides there instead. (

On the frontend, we use React with Typescript. Chat data is fetched through a REST API from a centralized database to display messages received and sent by the user. During the EthGlobal Hackathon, we added JWT authentication to the open source API and started using LIT for DM encryption.

For the backend of the WalletChat program, For EthGlobal2022 we used the opensource api located at:

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