Wallet wizard

Entry-level intro to wallets to help newbies get set up to use and understand Ethereum.

Wallet wizard

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Project Description

Interactive tutorial intro to wallets and ETH to help newbies get set up to use and understand Ethereum, wallets, transactions and dapp interaction. The user goes through a flow to create a wallet, receive, testnet ETH, view their wallet's activity & eventually we want to add more flows so users can send ETH, exchange ETH for tokens & interact with dapps on a testnet.

How it's Made

Gatsby frontend with ethers.js integration. We created a serverless function using Netlify Function (which uses AWS Lambda under the hood) to create Goerli testnet faucet. That way, the user never has to leave our site in order to receive testnet ETH & play around with it.

See the code here: https://github.com/ethereum/ethereum-org-website/pull/1639

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