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Wallet Hopper

Solving the address mapping problem in a backwards-compatible way.

Wallet Hopper

Created At

ETHGlobal Paris

Winner of


🌟 1inch — 🥇 Open Track


🏆 Filecoin — Grand Prize


🥷 Linea — Best Use


🥉 zkBob — Best Use


🏊 UMA — Pool Prize


🏃 Airstack — Runner Up

Project Description

With the growing cross-chain ecosystem combined with the rise of smart contract wallets, a wallet address has become a very poor identifier for the human we intend to send an asset to. To accurately send assets, we have to ask questions like:

  • What asset do you want to receive?
  • On what chain?
  • To which address?

Failing to collect this information from the recipient can be an inconvenience (at best) or lead to lost funds (at worst).

Vitalik and others have proposed new addressing schemes that include information about the chain on which an address should receive assets, but that requires a significant ecosystem shift.

Wallet Hopper enables a simple wallet address to express full details about how you want to receive each asset.

How it's Made

Recipients configure their preferences:

  1. Input asset receiving preferences
  2. Sign attestations for each owned wallet using EAS
  3. Push this data to IPFS via
  4. Push a pointer to this IPFS hash to at least one chain

Sending an asset:

  1. Input the recipient's address
  2. Search for pointers across chains via AirStack
  3. Receive recipient preferences from IPFS
  4. Update transaction based on preferences
  5. Execute transaction
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