Waifu Hunters

Improving the user experience of the Uniswap platform for first-time-ever users.

Waifu Hunters

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ETHOnline 2021

Project Description

Uniswap implements a simple yet effective design solution that ensures veteran traders and new users alike that they will be able to complete their task within the platform with high chances of returning. Our team is brainstorming a new onboarding design that can be engineered to reduce intimidating factors common among the crypto space for first-time users, such as heavy use of abbreviations, technical terms, and verification procedures.

How it's Made

We made initial Proof of concepts via Figma that are unreleased as of today due to submission deadlines. However, the research and solution docs are well written within the Notion link. Technologies include Figma, Notion. We utilized the Uniswap API and V3 Whitepaper as core resources for our project to better understand the limitations of the technical architecture of our design solution. Our most notable accomplishment was sitting several perfect personas based on our target user through various user study tests of the current live Uniswap platform. Through these live tests, we were able to gather highly valuable user research feedback through watching them play with the platform via screen-share. These notes were then translated to actual proof-of-concepts and designs dedicated towards solving the original Uniswap problem space introduced by the UX design portion of the challenge.

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