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WAGSI Discord Bot

Discord bot to host and authenticate subscription-based paid communities powered by crypto payments.

WAGSI Discord Bot

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Project Description

WAGSI is a recurring subscription service for Metamask Users. WAGSI Discord bot is built on top of WAGSI subscriptions for anyone to create paid online communities on Discord. The merchant will need to firstly create a WAGSI account, various subscription plans and then share those plans with their users via a WAGSI page link so that their users can subscribe to whichever plan they like. The merchant has to connect Discord and then create a mapping between subscription plans and discord server roles. After the user subscribes to a plan, they have to enter the discord community of the merchant and then type '!verify' in the channel and WAGSI bot will send an automated message to them post which they have to verify themselves using Metamask. After verification, the user will be granted the role corresponding to the plan subscribed to.

How it's Made

WAGSI is completely deployed on the Polygon Mumbai Testnet right now. All the subscription contracts along with authentication and verifications happen on-chain which is on Polygon. We hacked together the decentralized payments which happen on Polygon and mapped them to the Discord server roles in order to create a seamless experience for the end merchant to create their online paid discord communities.

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