Vyomanaut.io trading and NFT card game implemented

Vyomanaut is a Free-to-play strategy-based trading, staking, and resource management NFT card game, to build and evolve as a mission director.

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Vyomanaut.io trading and NFT card game implemented

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ETHIndia 2022

Project Description

The problem Vyomanaut trading and staking NFT card game -ISRO solves We are taking ISRO Indian Space research organization to the metaverse, we believe space tech and decentralization are the future of our society so trying to bring these two communities together by creating an NFT card game. Goal: The game is a strategy-based resource management NFT card game in order to jump from planet to planet to establish and grow to become a space-bearing civilization.The game has several tasks and challenges to upskill your group of vyomanauts(astronauts) and evolve.

How it's Made

It was very difficult to go through the process of working with a governmental organization, following all the security protocols, and auditing by ISRO.

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