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A developer's hub dedicated to short video submission and live streaming.


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🏊‍♂️ Livepeer — Pool Prize

Project Description

A developer's hub dedicated to video submission and live streaming. Users login into the platform, create profiles, and create publications (Videos) that are uploaded to IPFS. These contents are displayed on the Explore Page. Users can browse the video gallery for solutions that are peculiar to their needs. they watch and follow content developers and like (collect) videos. Videos are aggregated and the most-watched video and much like video get rewards for their content. The reward mechanism is based on the subscription of users. Every week, the system generates the most-watched content and the content developers get rewarded for making good content for users.

How it's Made

The project used the ceramic wallet to connect to metamask, The Lens protocol was used to create a login using their login API, The profile API was used in profile creation. Video upload was done using an ERC 721 smart contract and stored on IPFS. Collect (like) and Follow was done using Lens Protocol Collect and Follow IPIs. The smart contract was deployed to polygon mumbai.

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