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We would like to provide you a platform for people to view live videos online and pay tokens in real-time.


Created At

ETHOnline 2021

Winner of


Livepeer Pool Prize


Superfluid Pool Prize

Project Description

VFO provides a set of tools for you to create a live video streaming and payment system. It supports the open video decentralized streaming platform from and payment in real-time with (Beta version is running on Ropsten testnet)

Use cases could be as follows; Video Training System Video Marketing Campaigns Pay Per View Social Media Broadcasting

How it's Made

As a viewer, you only need to get fDAI superfluid tokens ready and connect the Viewer app to your Ethereum account with the Metamask. For a broadcastor, you need to have ffmpeg and a rtmp streaming server installed on your system and start streaming the Broadcaster app in your browser.

In order to see in and out tokens flows, you can use the dashboard on

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