Video Vault for Content Creators

A video vault for promoting content creators by incentivising the content through votes (or Likes).

Video Vault for Content Creators

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Project Description

Database(for info/videos/whatever) user only controlled(on ipfs/filecoin using powrgate), for content creators to share paid content whilst creating their own tokens with associated permissions (viewership/voting/live sessions). The content creators create their own token and can publish their tokens in a give-away(event acts as ICO), those who buy the token, using ethers, are allowed the permissions for the content by the particular content creator.

How it's Made

This project uses buidler for the testing and deployment of smart contracts and IPFS for hosting the content and Filecoin for the storage of the content. The Buidler smart contracts are integrated with IPFS and Filecoin. The problem faced is the access control for the content published by the creators,where the people who know the technical details of IPFS can easily access the content for free. We are trying to find a hack around for the same.

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