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Vialend 2

Customizable Uniswap V3 automated liquidity management tool that uses a unique vault design combining lending and V3 pools.

Vialend 2

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Project Description

This project builds upon our ETHOnline 2021 submission that had us automate a liquidity provisioning vault for Uniswap V3. Using a 50/50 allocation that leverages concentrated liquidity but rebalances with no fees or permanent loss. In the previous version, we solved this vault design by integrating with Compound and using the lending pool as a reserve in order to rebalance our position in V3 and avoid swap fees. In Unicode 2021 we want to see if we could achieve and solve three challenges:

  1. Customize the sources of the strategy so that it can be any lending pool, not just compound
  2. Customize the ratios so that users can choose more or less aggressive strategies, for example, 10/90 or 20/80, etc... when pooling assets between Uniswap and lending pools
  3. Automate the rebalance by integrating the Uniswap TWAP oracle

How it's Made

This project is based on a set of smart contracts developed on the ethereum blockchain that integrates both Uniswap and Compound lending pools. We use Solidity to build the smart contract and use Go-ethereum package to compile and test the backend and use vue.js + web3.js to build the frontend. Instead of using lending spot price and uniswap spot price as the anchor to design our sharing model, we are happy to see that the oracle price built up on TWAP and already used in our product.

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