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Vested is a new way to inceltivize DAO members to vote and participate in DAO proposals by rewarding them with autonomous vesting reduction.


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Project Description

Introducing VESTED, a new approach to enhancing engagement and participation within DAOs. Our platform is not just another DAO, it's an ecosystem that rewards active members by accelerating their token vesting schedules.

How It Works:

  • Mint to Enter: To gain access to the VESTED DAO, members must first mint an NFT. This NFT acts as your gateway to the community and its opportunities.

  • Identity Verification: Before diving into the decision-making process, members are required to verify their identity using Worldcoin ID. This ensures a transparent and trustworthy community where every voice is genuine.

  • Set Up Vesting: Once verified, members set up a vesting schedule for their DAO tokens. This schedule determines when they can claim their tokens.

  • Active Participation Rewards: Here's where Vested stands out. Every time a member votes on a proposal or contributes to community initiatives, the cliff time of their vesting schedule is reduced. In essence, the more you participate, the sooner you can claim your tokens.

Vested is not just about voting; it's about fostering a proactive community. By incentivising active participation, we ensure that every member is genuinely invested in the DAO's future. The reward? A shorter vesting period, allowing members to access their tokens faster.

How it's Made

When we thought about building VESTED, our idea was to play around with the concept of reduction on vesting schedules lock period through external actions. In essence, by actively participating within the DAO, members would see a reduction in their token's lock period. And they don't have to interact with our interface to do that! As long as their using the standard voting contract it doesn't matter where they vote (etherscan or some other way) their schedule will get reduced by our always on backend socket.

With this concept as our foundation, we envisioned a comprehensive workflow. Our aim was to not only bring our idea to life but also to maximise the potential of our sponsors technologies. Given the DAO-centric nature of our project, it was essential to introduce a gated access mechanism. This led us to Zora, our choice for creating, minting, and distributing the DAO's NFTs to our community.

The core of VESTED are our solidity smart contracts. The Proposals SC is where the congress magic happens - members create and cast votes on proposals. Each vote sets off an event, which our server is listening for. This event is then relayed to our Vesting contract, triggering the cliff reduction of the user's vesting schedule. Connecting all these pieces was a challenge, but the thrill of building such a flow was undeniable.

In any DAO, trust and transparency are crucial. To uphold these, we integrated Worldcoin ID verification. This ensures every voice in our DAO is authentic, fostering a genuine environment for decision-making and strengthening the bonds of our community.

To seamlessly interact with Zora's NFT collection, we turned to TheGraph. It empowered us to whip up custom queries, guaranteeing quick and pinpoint data retrieval.

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