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VerifyWorld is a platform that allows you to verify the authenticity of your documents using WorldID.


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ETHGlobal Istanbul

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Worldcoin - Pool Prize

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Project Description

VerifyWorld is a document signing platform that verifies users' identities through World ID signatures. Users can upload their documents to IPFS and share the signing link with others. The project utilizes the Cartesi Rollup SQLite database to store verification signatures. The app is straightforward: the owner uploads and signs the document, sends the document link to other users, and users can then view other signers or sign the contract for themselves. For a real-life use case, consider hiring a freelancer from another country. Instead of attempting to create an e-signature through tracking websites, you can use WorldID to sign a document or any other data with this dApp.

How it's Made

We have used Worldcoin API for the verification system. Signatures must have stored at some database to validate them again; for this, we have used a modified version of Cartesi's Sqlite rollup and for storing the actual file, we have used IPFS and

For the frontend and design, we have used Tailwind CSS + React + Figma in our project. For the Cartesi and backend part, we have created a secure communication layer with Python and SQLite.

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