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Project Description

The main goal of this project is to create a decentralized infrastructure to allow traders to backtest and deploy their strategies in a decentralized and non custodial environment. The scope of this first project in the context of this hackathon will be to create this infrastructure with a simple trend following strategy where the user will be able to define and backtest the strategy and deploy it using smart contracts. To allow users to get a better return on investment, this strategy will be able to use leverage, using gearbox protocol, and the liquidity that is not being used at any moment of time could be deployed in Yearn finance, to earn yield in the assets that are not being deployed in the strategy.

How it's Made

This project uses Gearbox for leverage on the strategies;

Yearn finance to get stablecoin yields;

Uniswap to swap between risky and conservative assets;

Python script for backtesting

Node script for rebalancing (soon with Gelato Polywrap when it's stable)

React for the UI. We tried to use GELATO polywrap resolver but it is not stable yet. we are looking forward to move all our bot to this infrastructure, when it will be ready.

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