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Verified Fan on Mina

Building zero knowledge proof of verified fan status on Mina

Verified Fan on Mina

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Project Description

Note: This is just a framework for the project. Set up a project following Mina documentation but project is not fully fleshed out nor built.

Pitch: Have you ever tried to get tickets to concerts for your favorite artist and been locked out due to missing the window to sign up for Ticket Master's Verified Fan? Now, using Mina protocol to store verified fan proof for artists, actual fans can prove (integrating with Spotify API and artists setting their criteria for fanbase) that they are actual fans, store that status in Mina blockchain, and use verification status to get access to concerts, meetups, merch, and more with their favorite artists. In this ideal state, artists get control over how to verify their fans and can reward tiers of fans with different levels of surprises.

How it's Made

Project was scoped out in notes with intentions to build using Mina Protocol, Spotify API for user listening history, and maybe incorporate Lens API since it is related to creator economy, but not sure how to incorporate now. Maybe Lens API would substitute Spotify API in the future.

Mina is a zero knowledge proof blockchain where we would store the verified fan status. This would be accessed via ideally a mobile first application at the point of ticket sales or other perks of verified fan status. We would try to integrate with Lens, but not entirely sure how we would integrate at this point.

Project is definitely a work in progress as the lack of skills to build properly was a major hinderance.

Status of work is wire framing general idea in notes and Figma, and following Mina protocol documentation for setting up a new zKApp project. Repo is unfinished.

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