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Verifiable Oracles

For the start, this project aim to build verifiable oracle service that can be trustless using cryptography.

Verifiable Oracles

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Scaling Ethereum

Project Description

Say Network aims to create an oracle service that can be easy to integrate and provides cryptographic proofs to prove the authentication of the result of-chain & on-chain. With the better possible way to authenticate the result, The project additionally planned to support inbuilt functions like aggregations and different conversions for a better and reliable user experience taking inspiration from current oracle services in the market. With best of all in one place and unique new features (Yet to announce), the development of this oracle system will help users get to get URL-based data on the appropriate blockchain.

The service is inspired by the current oracle systems while taking initiative to publish itself on optimism blockchain.

How it's Made

The project in its current state of development uses this tech:

  • Optimism

  • Provable contracts

  • Tls notarization technique

  • Hardhat framework

  • Web3, Ethers.js, through

  • Node js (Scripts to perform backend operations)

Further development made in this tech:

Provable Contracts: ===>

--> To make them compatible with the latest compilers some modifications were required in the depreciation of some keywords.

--> For optimism compatibility some opcodes which OVM does not support required replacement or if they are not that useful then complete removal & Address of the current asset changed to ETH Token supported by OPM which can either lead to include a token interface to perform token-based operations.

--> Some modifications are made to make the calls easier for users & to call the appropriate key and to find the depth more easily from URL query.

TLS notarization: ===>

--> Custom aws instance with pagesigner oracles is on its place to perform the request sent through blockchain which in return provides an audit trail and can be verified later using tools that are open source (And planned to support ease of their use in future)

Scripts: ===>

--> To listen & send the query back according to the request (WIth or Without audit trail in bytes) to the appropriate contract custom scripts are in place.

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