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Verf3d is a decentralized endorsement system which is focused towards solving the problem of non-authentic credentials using SBTs


Created At

ETHSanFrancisco 2022

Winner of


🏊‍♂️ SKALE — Pool Prize

Project Description

Acquiring reliable verification of real-world credentials has always been a challenging task. In professional settings, the veracity of virtual profiles is a crucial subject; the risks associated with misplaced trust are significant. Moreover, the Web3 community relies heavily on virtual networking. Our solution provides professionals with a simple, foolproof verification system. Through the presentation of a web-based verification model, the hackathon concept addresses accreditation and endorsement issues. This idea aims to simplify the verification process between the three tiers—an organizer, an endorser, and an individual.

How it's Made

This project makes use of soul-bound tokens for the verification system. Each endorsement is minted as a soul-bound token for the wallet of the receiver. We built a smart contract using Solidity and tested it using Hardhat and Ethers.js. We deployed it to the Skale TestNet and also to the Polygon Mumbai TestNet for a possible multi-chain future for our project. We made use of the FileCoin infrastructure to store the SBTs and images. Because of their zero gas fees and alluring framework, we attempted to create a file storage system on Skale as well. We created a front-end using Next.js. We made use of Ethers.js to call functions in the smart contract from the client side.

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