Vega Fees Dashboard

A Golang batch to store Vega fees data into a PostgreSQL database and a Grafana dashboard to display data.

Vega Fees Dashboard

Created At

HackMoney 2021

Project Description

VEGA fees Dashboard The aim of the project is to provide a dashboard displaying Vega network fees.

Requirements In order to your it locally you would need: A Grafana instance (cloud or selfhosted); A PostgreSQL instance to store data;

How to run it Customize the configuration file according to your environment.

How it's Made

A Golang backend scraping data and storing it in a PostgreSQL database. The script runs regularly in a container scheduled as GitHub action.

The visualization layer is based on Grafana and it shows data from the PostgreSQL database and the Vega GraphQL API.

The script is modular and functions can be selected using command line parameters. Available features are:

  • createDB: creates the database schema;

  • feesUpdate: scrapes fees using Vega gRPC API;

  • klinesUpdate: scrapes assets to USD conversion rates from Binance;

  • candleUpdate: scrapes 15min candles using Vega gRPC API;

All batches run in incremental mode, which means they only scrape the delta from the last execution time.

A GitHub action backups the DB daily and store the dump as an artifact of the action.

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