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UwU Link

Sign any transactions by scanning a QR code, without having to connect your wallet

UwU Link

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ETHGlobal Tokyo

Project Description

UwU Link lets users sign any transactions without having to connect their wallet to a dapp. With UwU Link, users can simply scan a QR code (UwU code) with any mobile wallet app, which parses the transaction for them to sign directly inside their wallet. This eliminates the need for users to go through the cumbersome “Connect Wallet” flow that defines web3 UX today and instead, lets users participate on-chain on a transaction by transaction basis. In addition to a simplified UX, this solution better preserves user privacy since dapps have no way of knowing which wallet addresses have interacted with the UwU code.

For developers and creators, UwU Link eliminates the need to build elaborate dapp sites for one-off projects, such as NFT mints, token-gated events, on-chain votes, airdrop claims, etc. They can easily socialize the UwU code to their communities via established channels (Discord, IG, Twitter, etc) to mobilize on-chain participation. This is especially useful for IRL events where UwU codes can be shared in-person to collect, mint, or claim digital artifacts.

How it's Made

On our example mint interface, we're displaying a QR code that embeds the transaction object used for an NFT mint. It adds an optional webhook URL to the QR code that the wallet can later use to send status updates.

We added a QR code parser to the Uniswap Wallet that reads the transaction object and fires a request modal to the user to sign. Once signed and sent off to the mempool, the wallet will call the webhook passed through with the QR code and send the transaction hash.

Technologies used: next.js, react-native, ethers

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