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USA Wallet

A wallet/dashboard localization to help on-board American no-coiners.

USA Wallet

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HackMoney 2021

Project Description

USA Wallet is a localized wallet/dashboard aimed at on-boarding American no-coiners. This will be structured as an on-line bank with a muted "'MERICA!" theme. Critically assistants will be provided to guide new users through wallet setup, fiat gateway connections, and simple token investments. Assistants will be a friendly mix of American icons and crypto project mascots. For example the Statue of Liberty and the Metamask Fox will guide users through setting up the MetaMask wallet and private key security. Ben Franklin and the Uniswap/1inch unicorn will guide users through simple token exchanges. And so on. Otherwise this will be a small Zerion/Zapper clone.

How it's Made

The core of USA Wallet will be built on Moralis will enable:

  • Logging in with a user-name/password as per the usual FinTech online-banking experience.

  • Alternatively: authenticating with a wallet signature.

  • Easy gathering of all of a user's token balances, cross-chain.

  • Easy retrieval of historical transactions for listing, cross-chain.

USA Wallet will use MetaMask for key management. Pillar is being considered as a virtual cross-chain wallet.

USA Wallet will use 1Inch to construct all swap transactions.

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