Upala Digital Identity

Anti-Sybil system for DApps and a decentralized digital identity of the future.

Upala Digital Identity

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Project Description

Upala provides a digital identity uniqueness score. The score is valued in dollars and represents the explosion price - an amount of money that an identity holder can get at any time for deleting their ID. The higher the explosion price the higher the owner values the ID and the safer it is for DApps to interact with.

How it's Made

Back-end is a set of smart contracts on Ethereum (the Upala protocol).

Front-end is deployed to fleek. It is called Multipassport. It allows users to join groups and keep track of their scores and membership paths.

The app is available through https://multipassport.eth.link/ and multipassport.crypto. The latter will redirect either to IPFS hash or to the multipassport.eth. IPFS is boosted by an additional pin in Pinata.

The front-end uses decentralized storage to store user data. Upala's multipassport app uses the storage as a cache for user paths. Other DApps will get user paths from the same storage to quickly select top-scoring user paths, validate them through Upala protocol, and then do whatever they decide based on the proven user score.

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