UnRUG DAO is the DAO that pledges to fight against the NFT scams and rugpulls running rampant in the wbe3 space by uniting all scammed chads in a DAO and leveraging their collective identity to counter all economic losses to the DAO members


Created At

NFTHack 2022

Winner of


🏊‍♂️ NFTPort Pool Prize


🥇 Best use of Harmony NFT Bridge


🏊‍♂️ Harmony Pool Prize

Project Description

This project was born out of a simple question. What can be done for people who have suffered rugpulls in their invested NFT projects?

The answer that I came up with was community.

The essence of this solution is a DAO, called unrug DAO. This project first asks you to come at a consensus with the DAO members that a particular project was indeed a rugpull.

Next the victim is asked to port their rugpulled NFT from whatever chain to Harmony chain into the wallet of the UnRUG DAO. UnRUG DAO then awards the victim with a UnRUG DAO Member NFT, which is used as a proof of their membership, plus the metadata of that Member NFT also contains the details of the rugpull NFT for future references.

Now, as part of a DAO, the victims have a collective voice in negotiating with other DAOs, web2 and web3 organisations to provide their services such as beta testing web3 protocols, web3 games, NFT-gated advisory on different integrations, etc.

How it's Made

This project uses scaffold-eth as a base stack for combining the front-end with other development tooling.

NFTPort API is used to fetch all the NFTs of a particular wallet address and the Covalent API is used to find specific details of a particular NFT. Those details are uploaded onto IPFS using Pinata cloud and the bridging of the NFT from other chains to Harmony takes place using the Harmony Bridge.

The contract to mint UnRUG DAO NFTs is written in Solidity using Remix IDE.

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