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Uniswap Diary

Keep track of all your Uniswap transactions in a easy to read journal that also allows you to leave notes

Uniswap Diary

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Project Description

This Dapp takes Uniswap v2 and v3 transactions and presents them to the user in an easy to read way. A user can also leave additional notes for each transaction. For this project, I wanted to learn more about how Uniswap worked and explore the Uniswap API. This project was also a good opportunity to gain more knowledge with web development / react frameworks, especially in trying to make things look nice and polished (learning chakra-ui)

How it's Made

The Uniswap Diary is using Moralis to get the user's transactions and filter them by the Uniswap v2 and v3 router contracts, as well as acting as a database to store notes for each transaction. I ran into difficulties parsing the various types of transactions used in the Uniswap API, trying to figure out what actually happened; In order to do this I think you need to grab transaction logs and parse out what happened; the result should then be saved somewhere like the graph or in a database (I started this but didn't finish). Another problem I ran into (as a web development noob) was figuring out how to render out the "expanding table entries" I wanted.

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