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Uniswap Box

A grid trade tool base on uniswap,It helps people to trade on dex

Uniswap Box

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HackMoney 2021

Project Description

Uniswapbox Grid Trading Bot to make profit in the fluctuated sideways-market with the BTC/USDT Trading-Pair. Set the parameters like this:

Upper Limit Price: 8000 USDT Lower Limit Price: 5000 USDT Grid Quantity: 10 Quantity Per Grid: 1 BTC After the bot has been created, it’ll slice the range from 5000 to 8000 into 10 sections (Grids) and place orders in each of these sections. As the price fluctuates, it’ll keep executing the buy orders whenever the price goes a bit down and the sell orders whenever the price goes a bit up, as long as the price stays within the range of 5000–8000. It will earn you a small profit for every set of buy and sell order that has been triggered.

If you set a Stop-loss Price for the Grid Trading Bot, it’ll cancel itself and all the base currency will be sold to the quote currency, once the price drops below it. If you ran the Bot on BTC/USDT pair, for example, the bot will sell your BTC to USDT and close the bot once the price reaches your stop-loss price.

How it's Made

Because we sometimes do our own grid trading, so we thought we could make a grid trading tool on uniswap, and uniswap also does not have limit orders, or fixed investment and fixed sale of these strategies, so we just like to make a collection of uniswap tools, so we named it uniswap box.

At first I organized the project meetings, designed the prototype, and recorded our discussions and minutes on github. Then we started to develop, and we met every two days to synchronize the project progress. Our team consisted of two contract engineers, one front-end, one testing, and one scripting developer, working in a distributed fashion.

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