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Unilearn is a crowdsourced learning platform about everything relating to Uniswap. It rewards both the learner and quiz creators with Unilearn tokens and uniquely generated NFTs.


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Project Description

This is a DAPP where a user can connect their wallet and complete short quizzes on educational content that is either originally created or linked to existing public resources. They are rewarded with Unilearn tokens and unique NFTs for their achievements. They are presented with content that summarizes the Uniswap protocol and Defi concepts in a bite sized and easily digestible way. Then they are quizzed on the content and rewarded for correct answers. The quiz creators are rewarded for the number of persons that have successfully completed their quizzes.


  • DAPP front end: creating quizzes, viewing all existing quizzes, completing quizzes.
  • Back end - NFT used as a data store for quiz, Set NFT as part of quiz, set quiz answers in a separate data store that is only looked up during quiz submissions.

What is left to do:

  • generation of NFTs as rewards and sending to recipient
  • sending of ERC20 Unilearn tokens to quiz creators and consumers

How it's Made

The front end is built using Next.js, chakra-ui, React, Typescript. The smart contracts are written with Solidity, Hardhat and Open Zeppelin packages. I deployed it to optimism. I set up the front end on the decentralized platform for front ends skynet. I submitted a grant to Uniswap Grants Program for the community and education focus. I intend to deploy this to optimism main net if all goes well.

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