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Migrate your Uniswap V3 position from one fee tier to another instantly


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ETHOnline 2022

Project Description

There are instances when the same token pair in Uniswap V3 pool might be earning a higher APR because it's in a different %fee tier pool.

As a liquidity provider you'd want to switch your pool while maintaining the same range, but doing so manually requires several transactions. To solve this I have built UniFeeSwap which does all of this in a single click!

How it's Made

Used foundry for writing and testing smart contracts. Built the frontend in next.js with wagmi, ethers, and charkra-ui.

The contracts are deployed on Polygon, Optimism and Goerli networks.

Initially tried using different API endpoints to fetch Uniswap V3 NFT balances, but at the end decided to fetch directly from on-chain data.

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