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Super simple file sharing - decentralized, quick, and without registration

Created At

HackFS 2023

Winner of


🥇 IPFS — Best Use

Project Description

Super simple file sharing - a well known issue, people shared files even before the internet, trough BBS.

Just google "Simple file sharing" and you'll findstons of web2 services, however you it's really hard to do through Filecoin infrastracture.

Our goal is to launch such a simple file exchange service build on top of Filecoin, that would allow to share file in a few click, so people even won't notice they are using web3 solutions


How it's Made

It's made with React/Next, and with the overall intention to keep it simple, cutting down all features with focus on just one - quick file sharing.

The overall attitude of the project- be simple to use, both from user's and developer's perspective.

As a user you do file exchange, keeping in mind it could leak or be unavailable in the couple of days, but often it's more than enough.

As a developer, you could quickly run Unid and get a local running app that allows quickly upload files into Filecoin Storages with basic, and simple interface.

The tool is focused on UX, and build for one simple, by highly used case - quick file exchange

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