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umwelt is a dApp for semantic queries on top of IPFS


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Project Description

umwelt consists of a IPFS mirror for protecting humanity's open knowledge. it would support media formats, books, movies, music, journal publications, engaging with diverse communities, from academic journals to independent producers. We'd like to experiment the possibility of sharing knowledge following decentralized architectures, following the legacy of RSS feeds, Torrents, and other initiatives. Ultimately, this platform would allow users to connect with their interests, through semantic queries on this infinite blockchain mirror, provoking one's potentialities of intervening in it's own Constitution.

How it's Made

It's a platform which allows users to insert media into IPFS. metadata about archives are also mapped with a Web Ontology Language (.OWL, a W3C standard), which is also gets stored on top of IPFS, allowing users to make semantic queries. it re signifies search engines, as it's knowledge infrastructure is totally public. it has also a huge potentiality for interoperability, interacting with different blockchains and with filecoin for persistent data.

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