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TxFusion is a platform that allows users to perform multiple transactions in a single call and signature using the new EIP5792


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Scaling Ethereum 2024

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Arbitrum - Qualifying Arbitrum Submissions

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ETHGlobal - 🏆 Scaling Ethereum Finalist

Project Description

TxFusion is a platform designed to simplify and improve the user experience in managing multiple DEFI transactions. It leverages the new EIP5792 standard, introducing a new wallet method called wallet_sendCalls. This method enables users to create batch transactions, allowing them to execute multiple actions with a single call and signature.

Existing Problem:

DeFi users often struggle with the complexity of managing numerous transactions across various protocols like Uniswap, Compound, and Aave. This process can be time-consuming and cumbersome, leading to a less-than-ideal user experience. It also requires more gas fees for the user to execute multiple transaction


We address this challenge by providing a unified platform that simplifies the execution of multiple DeFi transactions.

How It Works:

  1. Account Recognition: TxFusion batches multiple transaction in a defined format into an array of contract calls to either an EOA or Smart Contract Wallet and then send using wallet_sendCalls() to the wallet

  2. Wallet recognises the type of Account the request is for i.e. an EOA or SCW and then requests the user to generate a signature accordingly

  3. Signature Generation

For EOAs - It utilizes EIP3074 for signature generation, which uses the AUTH & AUTHCALL opcode to allows execution of batch transactions.

For SCWs - Generate a batched transaction User operations , which has to be then signed by the user respective to EIP4337.

4.Execution: Signed transactions are executed via Invoker for EOAs or via a Bundler for SCWs, ensuring swift and secure transaction processing.

How it's Made

We utilized the new EIP5794 which introduces these new methods for a wallet to accept batch transactions and then accordingly process it. Currently only a few wallets support the wallet_sendCalls method , namely Coinbase Smart Contract Wallet SDK , which was implemented in this application too.

Viem/experimental provided us with methods for EIP5792 , which we used for adding the functionality for this application to send Calls and also track the status of the transactions sent.

Next.js is the frontend Framework and TypeScript as the language to provide type safety across the application. TailwindCSS and ShadCN UI for designing the frontend.

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