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TwitterFi NFT Factory

Tokenize Social Impact, make your Twitter into an NFT-Fi RWA NFT

TwitterFi NFT Factory

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Project Description

TwitterFi NFT Factory is a decentralized social application built in the RWA Wallet Platform. It helps Twitter KoL to tokenize its social impact.

Simply treat it as composed of + Unlock Protocol, and build in a Browser extension so it can inject specific blocks on the Twitter Web page.

How it's Made

Our hackathon project is an innovative exploration of NFT and RWA technologies.

We've designed our platform to be user-friendly.

Content and Images are stored through IPFS / Arweave depending on the user's selection.

We use the super Arseeding and Everpay SDK that provide users to store content on the Arweave.

Our contracts are deployed on Optimism, Base, and Polygon Mumbai.

We have a plan to ensure these technologies' smooth implementation and integration. This project is an exciting opportunity to explore the potential of these technologies and we're eager to see how it evolves.

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