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Twitter forked by a common individual to turn it into an open DAO for all the humankind--> that belongs to all the planetary citizens of the world. Allowing 8 Billion people to vote officially by twitter. To lead the world together being responsibly with ownership of our DATA.


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Project Description

Verified all 8 Billions identities with Planet Earth Passport --> allowing people to use twither (that belongs to all of us to vote in a Global Governement officialy) Twitter is pretty CRYPTO aware --> CRYPTO CIVILIZATION --> Global Governement --> Quadratic voting. Me → decentralize governance using the tools we have.

Using existing platforms like twitter

All profiles connected with the wallelt ID of Planet Earth.

Digital signature is super important to vote.

We are turn it twitter web2 to twitter Web3 --> web of TRUST integrated with everything.

So, Digital Signatures is first class in this blockchain all of us are indexing content.

Web3 twitter we can also have social identity.

Problem now,

We still have fraud

We still have fake profile

We don't know in twitter if some profiles are AI or humans, or bots… or something like that..

We need every profile verified, with their respective digital signature corresponding with their Planet Earth Identity. -->

Imagine --> we can use something useful that a brilliant guy built and turn it open, where the power is in people and not in the platform. We are forking twitter to show the human kind everyone can add value and turn centralized platform in open platform put the power in the users.

Keep the agency in the users rather than the platforms. All identities verified.

We have to integrate the social web with the open web and also with the financial web to earn money by social media platforms.


My project is decentralize Twitter

Make it a DAO --> Ownership People

Tesnet --> using Lens Protocol to fork Twitter.

Ultimate Goal --> Unite insta-face-twits (decentralize all of them) and use it as a Global World Game where every people can earn money and come to collaborate each other

Verified all accounts

Vote officially from Twitter

With digital ownership

Tools for transparent moderation

Censorship resistant

Ways to publish and profit


While it might be free to post a story or a tweet, you pay with your date, the very uniqueness that makes you, and trust a centralized opaque system to deliver it to the world.

The world needs an open platform to communicate, to share, and to publish.

A common individual like me, can fork a centralized platform and turn it into a DAO for all.

I am building that → but using the old platform, not need to build a new one, we just have to change the purpose of those, fork it, add value and make it more useful for the humanity.


Verified member

Verified DAO

Verified Media

Today verification is controlled by social media platforms and not the communities that grow to use them.

Digital identity profile

In twitter web2 everything is just about likes, not connecting.

You are not making valuable connections

Maybe we can change incentives and rewards when people work and contribute with each other.

Social media is addictive and is not providing value

Governments use web2 social media to control public information and censor opposition actors. We need decentralized social media for citizens in order to have transparent public process and open access to commons’ benefits

we want to be able to have portable reputation that we can bring with us to whatever apps, platforms, services, and communities with which we choose to engage

User analytics tools for our own data

Users control and feed their own recommendation algorithms

Social profile with your wallet interactions+tweets

Whatever we post - its owned by big tech, we want to own our content

We wish we could have analytics on how my content is viewed/shared/engaged with, and as a user it would be amazing to have this level of transparency for any piece of digital art/asset that I see online. Imagine how cool it’d be to see how often people mirror your content, or where an original piece of art came from

We want to write our own CUSTOM algorithm to gain insight on ourselves quick and easy

A way to compute a person’s bias from their activity on lens, informing people reading their content that their opinion might be biased

How it's Made

Lens Protocol --> we are developing and interface to fork twitter and to become a DAO where all Nations States can vote in a Global, Nation, local state government. PORTABLE IDENTITY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN PEOPLE THINK

Bc when identity become portable, back ends become liquid.

2025 you can have a CRYPTO PHONE → and identities become super important and also private keys. In the near future even we can vote officially using our phones.

Your identity linked with your money and all your digital properties, digital assets. And your votes in the Global Governments.

Using Interplanetary ID I built here in last Hackathon.

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