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Decentralized Twitter-like feeds for the Eth network via IPFS


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Project Description

We believe that in the blockchain space, addresses are isolated and there exists a lack of connection between wallets. This project aims to solve that by bringing following capabilities for Eth wallets and ENS domains. TweEther (the name of our project) is very much an early prototyping form but it does accomplish many of the key challenges we wanted to overcome. Primarily, users can look up other wallets by address or ENS, follow/unfollow them, and can see live transaction data from addresses they follow - all while being completely decentralized.

How it's Made

The goal of this project is to fully embrace the concept of web3 and make sure our project is decentralized from the ground up. For example, the Eth connection provider is injected. By doing so, this project is not maintaining any backend services or APIs. With data backed by IPFS, Ceramic enabled us to store a decentralized social graph connected by a "follow" relationship between onchain ETH wallets. However, what is cool about our project is that we are not relying on Ceramic StreamID, but instead, relying on deterministic queries with addresses. This allows for users to track their follow activity. Our integration with ENS and NFT port makes the web3 integration seamless. Once user uses an NFT as their ENS domain name, or the user updates their primary ENS domain, our service can query that information and update the display accordingly. For each address they follow, we are able to stream real-time events whenever their favorite addresses make a transaction. This stream is enabled by having Ethers.js listeners subscribe directly to on-chain events. Again, all of this subscription mechanism is decentralized, without API keys, without a single server. Just a final note on the UI, our website is built using Next.js with React as our UI framework, and deployed through Vercel!

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