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Tux3do Marketplace

a full-stack NFT Marketplace on Ethereum with Polygon and Next.js

Tux3do Marketplace

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Road to Web3

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๐ŸŠ Polygon Pool Prize

Project Description

Tux3do marketplace owner will be able to set a listing fee. This fee will be taken from the seller and transferred to the contract owner upon completion of any sale, enabling the owner of the marketplace to earn recurring revenue from any sale transacted in the marketplace. The marketplace logic will consist of two smart contracts: NFT Contract - This contract allows users to mint unique digital assets. Marketplace Contract - This contract allows users to put their digital assets for sale on an open market.

How it's Made

For this full stack application we used:

Web application framework - Next.js

Solidity development environment - Hardhat ( Moralise )

File Storage - IPFS

Ethereum Web Client Library - Ethers.js and we deploy it in Ethereum and Polygon network. We write the front end code to connect the smart contracts

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