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No code web3 integration solution allowing anyone to create workflows connecting multiple web3 solutions through graphical user interface only


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ETHOnline 2022

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🏆 ETHOnline Finalist

Project Description

The project is a systems integration solution allowing to connect different Web2 & Web3 solutions together with a GUI configuration only. The user doesn't have to know any programming language in order to use the tool and integrate different system, as everything is done for him under the hood. Base of this product is core integration engine with pluggable integrations and ease of extending it. It allows for multi-lane integration pipelines with conditional transitions, if a condition is met, or an error occurred. Additionally, data returned from one activity can be reused in other and thanks to an expression parser allows for very sophisticated data transformations: logical and arithmetic operations, format transformations (json<>xml, etc.)

How it's Made

This project uses whole set of technologies due to it's nature - integrating different systems requires usage of many technologies. When it comes to Web3, unfortunately we managed only to support generic EVM call/send transactions and event listeners as process starters. While it allows users to create very complex Smart Contract interactions, it lacks many other native Web3 use cases. We are impressed by the fact that we managed to build strong core integration engine that is highly extensible and supports complex data lanes as integration graph, which is not that common in traditional IPaaS solutions. And speaking about that, it's a shame that we did not have few more days, as we have core of the application done, and basically what left now is to write integration with multiple Web3 technologies. Another thing worth mentioning is expression parser we embedded, that allows to create any data structure by embeeding and transforming data returned from activities. Additionally using monorepo & TypeScript allowed us to keep shared code together and saved us from many errors.

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