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TrustBoard DAO is a decentralized organization dedicated to optimizing the functionality of corporate boards.


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ETHGlobal Paris

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🏊 Worldcoin — Pool Prize

Project Description

Imagine you are a university association or even a company that wants to fully manage itself in the best possible way even though there are no practical solutions for this today. Things that naturally come to mind are the creation of a DAO, the possibility to communicate with your members privately and have secure archives (official documents, assets, contracts, ...). On top of that, you would like to have the possibility to verify the identity of each member and check their authenticity and uniqueness. Well imagine no more because TrustBoard is here!

TrustBoard is the solution for creating and fully managing executive boards for different types of organizations (association, company, institution). In addition to it's numerous applications, this project aims to enhance the management of the blockchain association in our university (Blockchain Student Association EPFL). It leverages different functionalities from several protocols:

  • Digital ID => TrustBoard uses Worldcoin's World ID system to ensure the authenticity of board members' identities.
  • Create and manage a DAO in a user friendly way => Aragon OSx, a simple and beautiful framework, to create and manage a DAO.
  • Secure Drive => TrustBoard uses Filecoin and IPFS to securely store and access important files and documents.
  • Secure messaging => TrustBoard enables secure communication between members using XMTP.
  • Notifications => Stay updated with real-time alerts through TrustBoard's Push notification system using the Push Notification protocol

How it's Made

This project uses WorldCoin (Word ID) for realness and uniqueness of persona using biometric scanning. Then XMTP for secure and private messaging. We use Filecoin (IPFS) for secure and decentralized file storage. We use Aragon OSx which is a plugin for easily building and managing DAOs. Finally, we use Push Protocol in order to being notified from XMTP messages, Arogon OSx proposals voting and Filecoin file storage updates.

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