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Trug is basically a Google Drive killer. Users can store their files & folders in a decentralized way and share them with their piers. Trug also has an inbuilt file marketplace where users can sell their files and receive payments on the Wallaby Testnet.


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Project Description

Since the inception of Web3, we have achieved numerous milestones. One of these accomplishments is IPFS-based decentralised storage. Although IPFS is fantastic, the disadvantage emerges when users must utilise it on a daily basis. IPFS is based on a content-based addressing mechanism, which returns a lengthy string when files are uploaded to IPFS. This string changes whenever the file's content on IPFS is updated. This isn't practical for daily use because keeping track of the CIDs is a time-consuming task.

A decentralized file storage platform which functions quite similar to Google Drive with static URLs and enhanced Web3 features. On Trug, you can set up access controls which as facilitated by contracts deployed on the Wallaby Testnet powered by Filecoin. You can enable Sybil protection on a number of public files using Polygon ID.

Features Easy Sign In using Rainbow Wallet, no questions asked. Can change the contents of the file without worrying about the URL which is going to stay the same. Transparent and decentralized storage of personal information. If you are a DAO lead, you can token gate / role gate your files using Build your file marketplace where you can sell your files by setting a price on it either in dollars or in Crypto.

How it's Made

Tech Stack for storing Files SurfDB (WAGMI + RainbowKit + Ceramic) for authentication, database & storage Smart Contracts on Wallaby Testnet Chainlink to fetch live prices in Smart Contracts Nextjs, Reactjs, TailwindCSS, styled-components for the frontend That's it

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