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TrueVisions harnesses blockchain to revolutionize charitable giving: every donation is transparent, traceable, and impactful. #BlockchainForCharity #TotalTransparency


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ETHGlobal Istanbul

Project Description

Our objective : Certifying Charitable Donations with Blockchain Technology

TrueVisions leverages blockchain technology to revolutionize charitable donations, offering unprecedented transparency and traceability. Every donation made through the platform is fully transparent and trackable, from the moment of donation to its final use by beneficiary organizations.


Boosting Trust: By providing complete visibility of each donation's journey, TrueVisions aims to restore and enhance donor trust in charitable organizations. Combating Fraud: Increased transparency helps prevent fraud and misuse of funds, ensuring donations reach their intended destinations. Enhancing Impact: By allowing donors to see the direct impact of their contributions, TrueVisions encourages more engaged and targeted philanthropy.

Key Features: Transaction Recording: Each donation is recorded on the blockchain, providing an immutable and verifiable history. User-Friendly Interface: The platform offers an intuitive user experience, allowing donors to easily make donations and track their impact. Reporting and Analytics: Advanced analytical tools enable users to see how funds are spent and which projects are most effective.

Blockchain Technology Utilization: Chainlink Integration: Chainlink oracles are used to bring in reliable, real-time data from outside the blockchain, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of transaction information. WalletConnect: This feature enables seamless connection between users' blockchain wallets and the platform, ensuring secure and user-friendly transactions. Lighthouse Storage: This storage solution is utilized for securely storing and managing invoices and financial records, further enhancing transparency and accountability. Smart Contracts: Automated fund distribution through smart contracts ensures efficient and transparent management based on predefined criteria.

Security: Blockchain provides robust security against fraud and hacking.

Social Impact: TrueVisions aspires to create a more responsible and effective philanthropic ecosystem where donors can see and measure the real impact of their generosity, and charitable organizations can gain credibility and efficiency.

Summary: TrueVisions seeks to redefine charitable giving by making it more transparent, secure, and impactful through blockchain technology. The integration of Chainlink, WalletConnect, and Lighthouse Storage further strengthens this vision, encouraging a culture of more informed and committed generosity.

How it's Made

Building TrueVisions involved a strategic combination of cutting-edge blockchain technologies and innovative approaches to ensure a seamless and transparent donation process. Here's an in-depth look at how the project was constructed:

  1. Blockchain Platform:

Ethereum: We chose Ethereum for its widespread adoption and robust smart contract capabilities. It serves as the foundational blockchain layer where all transactions and smart contracts operate. 2. Smart Contracts:

Solidity: The smart contracts, pivotal for automating donation distribution and enforcing transparency, were written in Solidity, Ethereum's native programming language. Testing and Deployment: We rigorously tested these contracts on Ethereum testnets before deploying them on the mainnet to ensure security and functionality. 3. Oracle Integration - Chainlink:

Data Verification: Chainlink oracles were integrated to bring external, verified data onto the blockchain. This is crucial for real-time verification of funding needs, exchange rates, and ensuring donations meet specific criteria. Trust and Accuracy: Chainlink's decentralized network of oracles helped bolster trust and accuracy in the data used for triggering smart contract actions. 4. User Interface and Wallet Integration:

React and Web3.js: The user interface was developed using React, creating a responsive and intuitive experience. Web3.js was utilized to interact with Ethereum's blockchain from the web application. WalletConnect: This protocol was integrated for wallet interactions, allowing users to securely connect their blockchain wallets (like MetaMask) to the platform without compromising their private keys. 5. Invoice and Data Storage - Lighthouse Storage:

Decentralized Storage: We used Lighthouse Storage for securely storing and managing invoices and financial records on a decentralized network, enhancing data security and permanence. Accessibility: This approach ensures that financial records are not only secure but also easily accessible for audits and verifications.

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