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Trail Conservation

Trail conservation: decentralized hiking trail data discovery

Trail Conservation

Created At

HackFS 2022

Winner of


🏊‍♂️ NFTPort — Pool Prize


🏊‍♂️ Tableland — Pool Prize


🏊‍♂️ Valist — Pool Prize

Project Description

Hiking is really fun, but sometimes hiking trails are used so often that the local ecosystem can be put at risk. For example, going off trail and causing damage. Additionally, illegal hunting can also put the species at risk. I would like to build a solution that can monitor these trail conditions for both the safety of the hikers and the local environment. I think both vision and audio can help enable these two key problems. Vision for trail damage, people going off course for better tracking and audio tracking for gun sound detection (or similar sounds related to hunting).

How it's Made

Right now this will be using the Wio Terminal for the hardware stack. For the software stack, the sensor data needs to be stored somewhere and so IPFS is a pretty good place to put that information. NFTPort (Polygon + Rinkby) was used for the minting of the trail NFT. Tableland is used for the relational aspects of linking between trails + the reported conditions + the people that have minted.

Additionally, the activity section uses the Covalent API to grab relevant token data. Valist was used to distribute the productionized bundle.

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