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A decentralized algorithmic trading bot marketplace and platform.


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Scaling Ethereum 2024

Project Description

In the volatile world of cryptocurrency trading, investors face a significant challenge: distinguishing genuine trading opportunities from elaborate scams. Despite promises of revolutionary trading bots offering life-changing returns, the landscape is littered with deceptive schemes like BitConnect, where investors lost billions to non-existent bots. This rampant fraud undermines trust and deters potential investors from engaging in algorithmic trading. Existing solutions lack transparency and accountability, perpetuating investor skepticism. Tradier seeks to address this issue by providing a decentralized platform where investors can confidently create, invest in, and withdraw from algorithmic trading bots. However, ensuring the security, reliability, and fairness of these bots remains a paramount challenge in the quest for a trustworthy trading ecosystem.

How it's Made

Tradier revolutionizes the world of trading through its unique NFT collection, leveraging the robust Avalanche C-chain. Each NFT in this collection is not just a digital asset but also functions as an individual wallet (under the ERC6551 standard), capable of holding and managing on-chain assets. What sets these NFTs apart is their embedded JavaScript code, which dictates their trading behaviors. This on-chain script is executed using Chainlink Functions, a groundbreaking feature that enables our trading bots to access both web2 APIs and external AI models, aiding in their decentralized decision-making process. The deployment of an NFT on Tradier allows the manager to set up automated trading strategies via Chainlink Automation's executeTrade function. This opens the door for external investors to engage with the NFT bot, allowing for both investment and withdrawal. To ensure equitable distribution of shares, the NFT bot utilizes Chainlink Data Feeds. This feature accurately assesses the current value of the wallet's tradable assets, thereby allocating shares in a fair and transparent manner. Moreover, the platform offers a smooth front-end interface for users to create, invest, withdraw, and even interact with "Tradeier" which is powered by GPT-4 and Coinmarketcap to help you make informed decisions on the crypto market.

The frontend utilizes NextJs and ReactJs, the backend is powered by ethers, Thirdweb, OpenAI, and Coinmarketcap. The contracts are written in solidity and powered by chainlink functions, automation, and data feeds. The contracts are hosted on the avalanche C-chain and Gnosis Chiado

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