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An application for traders to build their own reputation on the blockchain and filter out scammers


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Project Description

This application helps investors and beginners save money and time by filtering good traders from scammers. Filtering is based on reputation, which everyone can earn by posting and verifying their own market forecasts with a smart contract.

In addition, any trader can encrypt his forecast and sell it as NFT, which can be decrypted by new owner. If trader has a good reputation, it is obvious that he will have a lot of customers. Otherwise, everyone will pass him by.

How it's Made

The project uses the Zora contracts to sell and buy forecast tokens and Lit protocol for encrypting and decrypting forecast data.

This technology helped create the desired application very quickly. Without it, it would have taken months.

Polygon blockchain was also used. This will make traders less worried about transaction prices and more active in earning a reputation.

In addition, the project uses The Graph, Alchemy, Hardhat, Vercel, Next.js, MUI.

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