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Trade Social

Trade social is a social platform for traders, investers to track, post, monitor the trending in cypto , nft, web3 world.

Trade Social

Created At

ETHGlobal Waterloo

Winner of


🏊 Airstack — Pool Prize

Project Description

The project is social media for crypto, we implemented metamask for login in the app. We also had airstack api to monitor, track the realtime investments, for frontend we used react. We used firebase to store the data. We have various features in app, where user can se trending in crypto, profilepage which pops up graph using airstack api.

How it's Made

We used React,Metamask,Firebase,Airstack API to generate chart,chart.js. We implemented airstack api and did data analysis. We also gathered rug pulled account so that we allow user to flag their followers. It has router navigation. We notably used airstack api to do data analysis, trending crypto page you can check in demo.

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