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Toxic Fl-no

Reward users who are value adders to the Ethereum ecosystem by evaluating user behavior inside a Suave contract and adjusting Uniswap pool fees

Toxic Fl-no

Created At

ETHGlobal Istanbul

Winner of


Axiom - Best use of Axiom for DeFi


Flashbots - Best UniSUAVE LVR Design and PoC 3rd Place

Project Description

This project combines Flashbots Suave, Axiom, and Uniswap v4 hooks. A Suave contract combines data from on-chain and off-chain to determine if a user is deserving of a fee reduction. Users can trustless prove good on-chain behavior through Axiom, which can also be accessed through Suave, and off-chain data can be combined with this on-chain profile to evaluate whether a user is not one of the individuals extracting value from the ethereum ecosystem.

How it's Made

There is a Suave contract that is meant to be the initial point of access to accessing the unisiwap hook. Users can trustlessly prove good behavior via Axiom (although I ran out of time and have sketches of the proofs but wasn't able to get them working completely). The Suave contract also contains an auction for top of the block MEV. The uniswap hook has a function that can only be called by a transaction crafted by the Suave contract (this part isn't fully implemented either)

NOTE: there are two repos, it's only letting me paste one below and I'm not sure what else to do, the other one is:

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